Why Mill Iron Estates, Powell Butte, Oregon Has A Lot Of Potential For Future Homes

This is a photo taken from a residential area of Powell Butte, Oregon called “Mill Iron Estates”

These are our opinions on why this region is going to become popular in the next coming years, so if you haven’t visited this area before, you might want to explore now…

We’re currently building a shed for our friend Dwayne, which we think you can see just to the right of this “Mill Iron Estates” sign

We have currently added the siding, although there is still some work to do on the roofing and the front top section of the shed

One thing you can’t say about construction is that we stay in the same office whenever we have to work…

The only thing that we have to say about this residential is that the view it has is like few spots in Central Oregon. You can observe from Mt. Bachelor to almost Mt. Hood, having an overview of a big part of the Cascades Mountain Range

Almost no big trees or hills to get in the way

That is why we think this spot has great potential for those who are looking for a remote location far away from any town or city life, just to sit down, have a barbeque and relax

If you haven’t been to this place, we really recommend that you explore and see if there are any spots left to build your next Life Project

And if there is… Let us be the ones to build your next dream home


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