About Us

A Brief Story Of Our Business & The People That Are A Part Of It

Innate Passion

Ever since Juan Garcia was a young kid, he had a curiousity for farm, landscaping and construction labors.

The talent to build was given

Attention To Detail

As time went by, he kept perfecting the skills he gained from watching others and in his own practice.

We apply this attention to detail in everyone of our works

Great Team

The people that surrounds us and helps us make this project happen are very skilled, patient and glad to create any build

Continual Experimentation

The skills of the trade are endless, that's we try to innovate with new techniques, new tools and new materials.

All to make your project stand out.

Building A Life Project Alone Is Never-ending...

Here Are The Members That Make Your Custom Home, Your Shed, A New Carpet Or Maybe A Simple Interior Painting… Happen.


Who We Are

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Juan Garcia

The Founder & Co-Owner of JGC Construction. Born In Guerrero, Mexico. With More Than 15 Years In The Trade, Now He Places His Best Effort To Create The Best Construction Projects In Central Oregon.

His Personality, Vigilence & Quality Of Work Are What Have Lead To The Success Of This Company.

Laura Deras

The Co-Owner & Wife Of Juan Garcia

Born In Durango, México 🇲🇽
She Plays An Important Role In Making Sure That The Business Is In Order, Managing Invoices, Payroll & Everything In Between.

Her Attentiveness To Detail We Make Sure No Aspect Of The Business Is Unchecked.


Fernando & Juan Share A Long Time Friendship, Dating Back To Their First Years Working In The Industry Where They Both Learned From The Best.

Fernando's Abilities Allows Him To Take Care Of Any Project At Hand. He Is An Experienced, Dedicated & Valued Member Of The JGC Team.

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A Handyman In Our Company.

Coming From Different Backgrounds Beside Construction, He Has Rapidly Learned The Craft & Is Using His Technics In Order To Construct Sturdy Framing And Great Siding. Having Almost 2 Years Of Working With Us, Esteban Has Shown To Be Capable Of Quality Craftsmanship.


Joel Is A Fast Learner.

Having No Experience In The Field Of Construction Before, He Is Part Of Our Crew For Almost A Year & We Can Notice A Great Improvement.

Joel Understands The Concrete, Framing, Roofing, Siding, Painting & Finishing Aspects Of This Vast Industry.

It's An Honor To Have Him As A Member Of The JGC Team.

Our Mission & Vision


The Only Thing We Seek Is To Thrive By Creating Our Best Work Of Custom Builds Using High Quality Materials & Attentiveness To The Customer.

Everything else will occur by design


If We Could Achieve Something Meaningful Beyond Our Lifespan, We Would Aim To Be Looked As An Honest Company That Created Forever Lasting Projects For The Central Oregon Community.

We're Always Looking For New Talent

If You Have A Skill With Any Aspect Of Construction

Don’t Hesitate To Give Us A Call (541-508-8033)

Or Email (jgconstruction-llc@outlook.com)

We’ll talk to see your experience

and see if you’ll be the right person for the team.

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