The 1 House Check Up For This Summer 2022 in Central Oregon

Summer Is Almost Here… We know you are ready

But Is Your House Prepared?

In this post we share with you 1 fundamental check up you need to keep your house ready this hot & challenging season. As you are aware, water is a scarce commodity…

That’s why your best check up is to make sure you have sufficient water for many days or weeks in advance. Since the natural springs of water dry up, you have to adapt to what you have.

Always check your water levels!

For preparation, we truly recommend creating a few water tanks, if you have the space for them… Completely efficient because it can also take advantage of rain water or snow.

Sustainability is still a long way but it can become closer if we all innovate and more people benefit in the end. Every citizen can do its part to not be corrupted, help others and lead by example.

Always have the house for summer, you’ll thank us later…

JGC Construction LLC

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