Our Thoughts On Why Construction Is Becoming More Expensive In Central Oregon

There is no doubt that prices are leveling up pretty often in our community. From the natural resources needed, the distribution of these materials and the labor to place these pieces

This is one of many reasons why we believe that almost all industries have grown their prices.

Something that might be particular to our region in Central Oregon is the recent influx of new residents, which in essence has created a rise in demand of new homes and in return, more demand of construction companies to build them.

All important processes in Life are cycles and this is no exception.

So if you start to think that any quote provided to you by any construction company, either us or another, is not because they want to take advantage of the opportunity, it’s simply that we have to adapt in order for us to keep in business.

With luck, this post has provided a point of view you need to understand and to collabortate between clients and builders alike.


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