Our Latest Life Project In Central Oregon Is Almost Complete

We probably assuming that you have been seeing our previous posts (if not, you should definitely take a quick 2 minute look)

Eitherway, we pretty excited to see the progress that has been made in this project.

We started with an already built concrete foundation, we were put to the task of developing the framing for this 2 story custom home.

So without hesitation, we got to work.

It was a challenging build due to the fact that there are certain areas that are asymmetrical and if you can notice, there is a stairway that curves up like a shell, which leads to the second floor of the home.

It took us approximately 3 months to create this framing, which to our standards, is a pretty good time period for a project of this kind.

There are small details we have to finish up like that stairway we mentioned and final exterior details.

The rest of this project like roofing, siding, flooring, A/C & Heating, etc, will be passed down to our fellow company partners.

It was definitely a great project to build and we really want to thank David Adams and his family for trusting us and allowing us to create this important custom home.

Until the next Life Project


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