Laura Deras & Her History

If you saw our previous posts, you probably know a bit about Juan Garcia and his background, seeing how he decided to make the jump and start JGC Construction LLC

Now we’re going to briefly talk about Laura & her story

Laura was born in Durango, Mexico, where she she grow up with her family for most of her infancy

She decided to make a leap of faith and moved to The Dalles, Oregon, joining her family along the way. It is in The Dalles where she met the future love of her life – Juan Garcia

After they got married, they decided to move to Redmond and try their luck in this town

She started to work for a local Hotel as a housekeeper (the manager of housekeeping at the height of her period) and tried her best to learn the ins and outs of the business

When they moved to their current home in Prineville, she started working at a local Mexican restaurant called Mazatlán as a waiter for several years

Now that Juan has seen a growth in his business, she wants to commit herself into helping him in any shape or form

She handles the follow ups, contracts, invoices, administration and supplies to name a few roles

She knows the importance of assisting his husband and will do anything it takes for both of them to strive in their business

…Now you know more about Laura and her key role in JGC


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