Juan Garcia & His History

This is a brief history of the Co-Founder of JGC, Juan Garcia

Born originally from Guerrero, Mexico, Juan had the ambition of seeking a brighter future in the USA

So he decided to live all the way up to The Dalles with his uncles, in the northen part of Oregon, where he started working in a local restaurant as a waiter.

He learned all the basics of learning English and good service.

That is the place where he met the love of his Life – Laura Deras.

After they got married, they decided to move to Redmond, Oregon, where they decided to undertake a completely new lifestyle all on their own.

Back in Mexico, Juan always had a passion for being in the outdoors, whether it was feeding the farm animals or building, so he decided to join around with other people who were already in that field.

He started to work with highly skilled construction builders and slowly but surely, he gained the skills he has now. Staying up to date to current trends and always reading on the fundamentals of construction, he knew this was something he was going to dedicate his whole life.

After 13 years of experience, he decided to start this transition of creating his own company.

JGC has been his current Life Project for almost 5 years and is still going strong.

So now you understand more about Juan’s background and why we puts great effort in every new challenge that arises


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