3 Things Every Client In Central Oregon Should Know About The Construction Business

This is something we would recommend any of our clients to understand when it is the moment of undertaking a project, so if you’re in the search of some basic advice on how most construction companies operate.

With more than 15 years in the industry around Central Oregon, we have been aware of the nuances that can occur with our clients. For this reason, we share with you these 3 points every Construction company should let you know when creating any project.

  1. Projects Can Last More Than Expected

Life can be unpredictable, you know? That’s why we try to make sure that every step of the process gets checked and double checked. Even with all this preparation and attention, unexpected events can occur and our due dates can change. All we could really mention is that patience and understanding from you as our client is crutial to ensure that the project we develop is done with quality, rather than urgency

In the long run of that project, that’s what matters.

  1. Clients Should Have A Scheduled Time & Day To Visit The Project

This one is very important to all of us involved. The same applies for us a business and you as our client. We put safety before anything else, for this motive, we have seen that it’s best to schedule a time and day for your visit. Not because we don’t want you present there, not at all… To give you a surprise of before & after, possibly.

We take this measure to keep you safe where we’re doing a risky task that, if unadviced beforehand, can really turn badly.

  1. The Prices On Every Quote Can Change Unpredictably

You have seen the current situation of the economy. Prices in all industries have reached new heights & are always changing. That’s why we try to give you the best price at the current period when we create your quote.

This can always fluctuate.

So if you are still deciding to go ahead with you project for a certain period of time, it’s highly likely that your quote will be different

Just like how our car’s gas tank price changes everytime will it up.


So now you know a bit of how complex the Construction sector can be, here in Central Oregon or any other place in the World.

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