3 Fun Facts About Of The Nail Gun

Considered to us 1 of the most important tools in our tool box

With a nail gun, you can easily take care of around 25 to 30% of the whole project. In this post we plan to give it it’s due respect and talk a bit about a few fun facts of this vital tool.

Here are 3 facts about the Nail Gun

1. It was created in the 1950

The Nail Gun was invented by Morris Pynoos, engineer who assisted Howard Hughes on the H-4 Airplane Project

He based himself from the structure of weapons to develop the nail gun

2. The “Bounce” system has saved a lot of lives

The Bounce system uses a safety feature in order to avoid accidental firing. Before this system, a lot of workers had injuries or even casualties due to it’s danger

An estimate of 40k workers visit the emergency room in order to attend a nail gun injury, costing around $338 million annually nationwide

3. There are many ways they function

You would probably think the air powered nail gun was the only one to exist, although it isn’t

There are explosive, combustion, electric, soleinoid or even pin head style nail guns. All with their pros and cons and also for different materials (concrete, wood, cast, etc)

So now you know more of what a nail gun is, share this with whoever you think will benefit to learn

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